About Trevor Hartman
Google Streetview, Seattle, 2007

About Trevor Hartman

Full stack software engineer with two decades experience growing web and mobile apps. Cares about Developer Experience as much as User Experience. Very interested in making your life easier!

I wield technology to build great products and experiences and strive toward doing exactly that at every layer of the stack:

  • iterating on meticulously-detailed frontends for client sites, interactive experiences, and web applications
  • at the API level efficiently piping and transforming data between backend and frontend with considerations around concurrency, authn and authz
  • at the very back working on a Scala-based in-memory distributed columnar data store for eBay which powered real-time analytics for seller tools
  • as a Site Reliability Engineer creating automation, standards, and modern container-based infrastructure in public and private clouds

Strong proponent of using automation to make processes more efficient and repeatable. I build an open source chat bot called Yetibot for this purpose and for fun.

Obsessed with discovering better ways of expressing solutions to programming problems. I abhor unsoundness, boilerplate, repetitive code and senseless abstraction. On a path of ongoing language discovery, from:

  • early dark ages in Perl, JavaScript¹, Lingo (wat) and VB
  • middle ages in C# and ActionScript 3, Ruby and Python, Java
  • up to recent years using Scala with Scalaz, Datalog (via Datomic), some Swift
  • building open source with Clojure (and ClojureScript)
  • grinding as necessary with Golang
  • playing with Haskell, Eta, Elm
  • aspiring to use (read: blow minds with 🤯) Unison

Part time Pure Functional Programming zealot and Category Theory student.

Most of my post topics are areas I wanted to better understand, and writing about them was a way to achieve that. I don’t claim to be an expert. Please give me feedback, good or bad, but especially bad. If you’d like to chat, I usually hang out on Yetibot Slack, or you can Tweet @devth.

I work remotely on a globally-distributed team for Carta helping build the future of financial infrastructure. I live in Montana with my wife and five kids. I’m an aspiring electronics tinkerer, musician, climber, mountain biker and cyclist, learner, avid listener of music, and maker of things.

Dakota 50
Racing at the Dakota Five-O in Spearfish, SD
September 2016

¹ don’t take offense; “JScript” 3.0 in IE4 (based on ECMA-262) really does belong to the dark ages